“I’m thirsty.”

Wait, no, I don’t mean thirsty in the way that probably came to your mind. I’m not desperately seeking attention.

I’m thirsty for Jesus, my eyes are open to how much I truly need him. I want to grow in him, to practice my talents to better bring him glory. I’m pressing into him and the word; to better understand how to bring him Glory in everything that I do.

The past few weeks I have been learning how to balance an extremely busy schedule! Raising support for my residency that is coming soon in May, helping at Element Student Ministries, getting ready for 180 Weekend, work, loving others, and focusing on pouring into myself.

That last part can get very difficult right? Remembering to stop and think about why you are doing what you’re doing. You can’t be a leader running on empty. That’s not healthy spiritually, mentally, or physically. I learned that a long time ago.

Creating and maintaining healthy spiritual habits is “key.”  🔑

Here are a couple tips:

  1. I need the Gospel daily! Remember the Gospel. This is why we do what we do!
  2. Pray. How is your prayer life? Don’t forget this part.
  3. Study. Make time to dive into the word.
  4. Have 2-4 solid people around you supporting you and pushing you.
  5. Breathe. Don’t get overwhelmed. If you have too much on your plate cut stuff out. Make sure 1-4 are part of your plan.

We’re all works in progress, masterpieces being painted. It’s up to you, what that masterpiece points to.

Love, Dil

2 thoughts on ““I’m thirsty.”

    1. It has been a huge part of this season in my life, at first I was overwhelmed. I realized I could cut a few things out. I still have a full plate but I intentionally and continually pour into myself while having others do the same! It works! You’ve been one of the others! Thanks Kevin!

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